Friday, August 2, 2013

Chromium - Enable Print Preview on OS X Mountain Lion - SOLVED

I finally got it working using the following steps:

Download Chrome Canary:

Install it, then run it. 

In the URL, type "about:plugins". Make a note of where the PDF plugin is located. In my installation, it is at:
/Applications/Google Chrome Chrome Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins/PDF.plugin

Now, download Chromium:
This is a really long page. Just scroll down to the bottom and select the very last folder, which in my case was "215272". You can quickly scroll down by simultaneously pressing the Fn and right arrow keys. 

Clicking on the folder took me to this page:
On that page, you'll see a "" file. Download it simply by clicking on it. 

Open up a Finder window, then navigate to the file download location. Unzip it, then move to your Applications folder (this will install it). I renamed my "chromium-mac" folder to "chromium_215272" in case I need to do this again in the future (allows me to track versions).

I found the following steps easier to complete by launching 2 Terminal windows. The first window's commands are noted in red, while the second window's commands are noted in green. Commands to be entered in a Terminal prompt are in bold.

In the first Terminal window, navigate to the Canary location of the PDF plugin (this is the information obtained earlier by typing about:plugins in the browsers URL:
# cd "/Applications/Google Chrome Chrome Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins/"

Now, run Chromium, just so we can get the plugin folder location. My location was at:
"/Applications/ Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins". 

In the second Terminal window, navigate to this location:
$ cd "/Applications/ Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins"

In the first terminal window, run:
$ sudo su
# cp -vr {PDF.plugin,PepperFlash,nacl_irt_x86_32.nexe,ppGoogleNaClPluginChrome.plugin,widevinecdmadapter.plugin} \
"/Applications/ Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins"

This copies everything from Canary to Chromium. I previously tried to copy only the PDF plugin, but in the end, it did not work for me.

Now, in the second Terminal window, run:
$ ls -l
$ sudo su
# chown -Rv root:wheel *
(I did this to match the permissions with Canary's folder).

Finally, to get print-preview functionality (I am sure there is an easier way, but for now), in any Terminal prompt, run:
$ /Applications/ --enable-print-preview &

Navigate to a web site, select Print. You should see a print preview screen. Also, in your URL, type "about:plugins". You should also see the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin listed.

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