Monday, June 24, 2013

VirtualBox - Mount Large External Drive 2TB (SOLVED)

Using Ubuntu Server 12.04-LTS Guest, this is how I was able to mount a 2TB Seagate external drive in VirtualBox:

1 - Launched Ubuntu Server virtual machine.

2 - Plugged in my Seagate drive into my computer's USB ports.

3 - In Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager (GUI), I went to "Settings > Ports > USB" and clicked on the green plus sign located on the right.

4 - Afterwards, I added the Seagate drive into the "USB Device Filters" field.

The original settings looked like this:
Name: Seagate Desktop [0130]
Vendor ID:0bc2
Product ID: 3300
Revision: 0130
Manufacturer: Seagate
Product: Desktop
Serial No.: 2GHN7D0B
Remote: No

5 - Delete all settings below "Product ID" and change "Remote: No" to "Remote: Any".

My new settings now look like:
Name: Seagate Desktop [0130]
Vendor ID:0bc2
Product ID: 3300
Remote: Any

6 - On the host (OS X - Mountain Lion), I unmounted my Seagate drive, plugged it out of my USB port and immediately plugged it back in. 

7 - On the Full Screen dock, I selected "Devices > USB Devices > Seagate Desktop [0130]". 

8 - Afterwards, I ran the following commands:
$ sudo mkdir -pv /mnt/seagate
$ sudo lsblk -f 
NAME                  FSTYPE      LABEL                      MOUNTPOINT
├─sda1                ext2                                   /boot
└─sda5                LVM2_member                            
  ├─vm3-root (dm-0)   ext4                                   /
  └─vm3-swap_1 (dm-1) swap                                   [SWAP]
└─sdb1                ext4        seagate                    /mnt/seagate
sr0                   iso9660     VBOXADDITIONS_4.2.14_86644 

$ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/seagate

$ df -lh
$ mount

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