Monday, June 24, 2013

Udev-204 Installation on LFS (Extracted from systemd-204)

Udev Installation Instructions Made Easy:
These instructions are based on LFS SVN-20130616, "Chapter 6.62. Udev-204 (Extracted from systemd-204)

Run the following commands:
# tar -xvJf systemd-204.tar.xz 
# cd systemd-204
# ls ../
# tar -xvf ../udev-lfs-204-1.tar.bz2 
(note - the udev tarball needs to be in a level above the directory you are in, i.e., a level above the systemd directory you cd’d into).

# make -f udev-lfs-204-1/Makefile.lfs
# make -f udev-lfs-204-1/Makefile.lfs install
# build/udevadm hwdb --update
# bash udev-lfs-204-1/

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