Saturday, June 22, 2013

Install Droid Sans Fonts on Windows 7

Navigate to

In the search box on the upper-left, type "droid sans", then hit "ENTER". You should now see a list of Droid fonts.

Next, click the blue box labeled "Add to Collection" on the lower right of each font.

Afterwards, click the download icon (an arrow pointing downwards next to a link icon), located on the upper right of the webpage.

Next, a pop up should appear that reads "Download the font families in your Collection as a .zip file"; click on ".zip file"

Another dialog box should then pop up, asking where you'd like to save the files.

Once saved, unzip these files. You can use Windows built-in zip utility. I prefer 7-Zip. After unzipping, you should now see 2 directories - Droid Sans and Droid Sans Mono. Go inside each and double click all of the .ttf files that you see. When prompted, go ahead and install these files.

Open up a web browser, check to see if you can select any Droid fonts as your preferred font.

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